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    Rise Entertainment's founder and CEO is Rocky Shi. Shi also holds the position of Managing Director at Beijing Topwin Investment Group. Rocky Shi is currently residing in London, United Kingdom.


    Rocky Shi traveled to China after graduating from college to assist support his family's business, Beijing Topwin Investment Group. Topwin Investment Group specializes in property development and management. It also comprises hotel investment and management departments, as well as energy investment sections. It is a huge and diversified company that has invested in a variety of initiatives and projects throughout its existence.


    When he came, he received comprehensive managerial training and immediately began working on several initiatives. This includes the Sanlitun Intercontinental Hotel proposal, the world's only 5-Star Forbes IHG facility. He previously worked on the Topwin Center, a huge retail complex adjacent to the hotel. In addition, he has worked on projects at Topwin Golf and Country Club.


    He learnt the ins and outs of the family company and each entity inside it while working at Beijing Topwin Investment Group. He also spent some time working with Topwin's Chairman. This helped him to gain invaluable business insights and abilities firsthand. In addition, he collaborated with the chairman to establish various initiatives for Topwin Investment Group, notably in cultural tourism in Kunming, Yunnan. He is still the Managing Director of Beijing Topwin Investment Group.

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